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PCmover saves you hours of time and resources
throughout all of your hardware and OS refreshes

"After migrating almost 100,000 PCs in 100+ global locations, we could not have asked for a better product than PCmover."
- Fortune 100, Pharmaceutical Company

"We completed 3,157 PCs in 11 weeks. PCmover was used in all the refreshes and performed very well."
- Manufacturer, 500,000 Employees

"PCmover Enterprise is saving about 40% of our time versus doing migrations manually."
- Brokerage Firm, 3,700 Employees



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SAVE TIME - Manual Transfers vs Using PCmover

Enterprises are saving over 60% on both hard and soft costs when using PCmover. It's Microsoft's only recommended migration solution that completely transfers the personality of the PC, including files, settings and even programs if desired. PCmover is fully functional right out-of-the-box and fully configurable to suit without any need for additional programming, scripting or knowledge of XML. And PCmover can be used for all types of transfer scenarios - break/fix, ongoing PC and OS refreshes for any size network. PCmover can even be used for automated migration projects.

PCmover Time Savings Chart

*Estimations based on IDC 2017 research whitepaper and PCmover customer feedback.


Common PC Transfer Scenarios

PCmover copies over the personality aspects of the PC from old to new, making the end user no longer dread getting a new PC because all of the things they love about their old tired PC are just where they should be on their shiny new one.



Hardware Refreshes   OS Refresh Upgrades

PCmover is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for PC-to-PC transfers. It helps minimize the widespread loss of productivity and consequential cost impacts that arise from manual transfers and complicated setups.


PCmover is completely self-contained to provide full online and offline transfer functionality for all endpoint versions of Windows, from XP to the latest Windows 10 release.




Every User's PC Is Different - PCmover Handles Them All

Don’t know XML? No Problem! PCmover is easy to set up and configure so that anyone can “no-hands” monitor the migration process of each PC - even from a global level. PCmover is the solution that allows an employee to migrate their own data without a support technician's assistance.


One Global Deployment Engineer stated simply:
“We could not have asked for a better solution than PCmover Enterprise.”


User #1   User #2
  • C:\ User \ Project_1
  • C:\ User \ Project_2
  • C:\ User \ Project_3
  • C:\ User \ Project_4
  • C:\ User \ Project 7 revision 2 - final b
  • C:\ Important \ DontForget
  • C:\ User \ Applications \ important.exe
  • C:\ User \ Documents \ Backgrounds \ Icons \ Savehere


Different Users, Single Solution - PCmover Policy Manager

The Policy Manager component of PCmover, a single but comprehensive GUI, permits project staff to create and manage migration rules without the need for coding or extensive technical expertise. They can further simplify the already easy-to-use “wizard”-esque style and user interface.





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